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Having trouble learning literacy or maths at school or reading, writing, and spelling at work?

We can help!


because this is what our clients are saying...

"She's reading! It just suddenly clicked!"

"He's much farther than where he was at..."

"I think his reading has improved a lot!"

"The three biggest benefits have been knowing I'll be able to read, to be able to write better than I used to, and the teaching method." Nat

At Bridges we specialise in teaching literacy and numeracy to children, youth, and adults struggling with learning, such as those with dyslexia, language based learning differences, adhd, or processing differences. We aim to make a serious improvement in achievement for each learner we work with.

Our students, through explicit, multisensory, cumulative, Orton-Gillingham instruction, develop independence, accuracy, and fluency as readers, spellers, and writers.

Noticeable changes start to occur rapidly, typically within 5 hours of specialist instruction. Children begin to feel more capable as learners, and this can lower stress for everyone.

In maths, they develop clear understanding of numeracy concepts and procedures.

With Bridges, you will see reading, writing, spelling, and maths skills and knowledge develop, even when other instructional methods and programs haven't worked. We pinpoint learning gaps and tailor multisensory instruction to the individual.

We reinforce success to foster self worth and develop confidence in learning. We do this by individualising instruction, positive reinforcement, and addressing the student's specific needs.

Sessions are one hour in length, individualised, and intensive.

School Struggles

85% of struggles in school are language learning based, and this impacts learning in all subjects.

Many students benefit from explicit, research based literacy academic therapy, and reading intervention in particular. These bright students, with specialist instruction, can raise their language skills to soaring levels. This translates into higher grades.

Strong phonemic awareness skills are needed to unlock tens of thousands of words over time, as reading in school and life becomes more challenging. At the same time, many students could also benefit from specialist, multi-sensory mathematics academic therapy.

Evidence Based - Experienced - Results

Bridges was started by two experienced teachers who sought extensive, expert training in evidence supported instruction approaches, for academic improvement for all students.

Our Students’ Results

During the first term of operation, all children reached grade level reading in 10 hours of specialist, therapeutic instruction. Noticeable reading and writing improvement was noted by children, parents, and schools.

Our Focus

Our language therapy, supported by brain imaging and reading research, is built around developing these essential language skills: 1. phonemic awareness, 2. decoding, 3. fluency , 4. comprehension, 5. encoding, 6. vocabulary, and 7. writing

Highly effective, intensive, reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics educational therapy

Specialist, credentialed training, and 20+ years of experience teaching English and maths

Proven success in literacy with students having difficulty learning

Evidence based, research supported, proven approach

Thorough diagnostic assessment and individual plans for each student





Take Action

Email usto get started improving literacy, numeracy, and achievement. We may also be reached by phone on 03 8806 0173 or 0450 250 266.

Our Instruction

Our therapeutic instruction engages multiple senses to assist memory . Instruction is also one to one, interactive, and cognitive. We place a strong emphasis on continual revision and assessment.

We teach for mastery and a solid literacy framework and continually assess the student’s individual learning needs. Their specific needs guide planning and all academic therapy sessions.

Our Guarantee

We have advanced training in teaching reading, spelling, writing, and maths - 165 + 225 hours worth, 20+years of teaching experience, - and we are certain that our students can learn to read, write, spell, and achieve in maths more effectively. - We guarantee it!